JK roof appeal update


The folk at John Knox church in the town’s High Street church have been overwhelmed by the support received towards a new roof fund. Since our last issue kind-hearted locals and businesses have contributed more than £7,000 to the £15k ‘buy a slate’ appeal target.

The fundraising drive caught the imagination of local poet Pauline McCreadie who got on the case and put pen to paper or rather fingers to keyboard with her poem shared across social media…

BUY A SLATE By Pauline McCreadie

Oh people of Stewarton
I have a tale to tell
Not only about a steeple
But of a roof as well
John Knox has been in our community
It’s stood the test of time
But now it has a problem
I’ll tell you all in rhyme
The roof is getting older
Unlike our minister Gav
We need a bit of help
Anything you have
The slates are getting shoogly
They’re really past their best
Now we have a challenge
A great big test
We need to raise some money
To save our church
We just need a fiver
Not that much
So if you can help us
That would be really great
Please put your hand in your pockets
come and buy a SLATE!

As well as reaching their donations target the aim is to obtain grant funding for another £15,000 so still a bit to go.

If you or your business can help, slates can be bought for a donation of £5 or any amount can be gifted online at www.johnknox.org.uk/buyaslateRoofAppealGroupPic