Stewarton Golf Day

We are raising money in support of the Beatson, West of Scotland Cancer Centre in Glasgow.

All the money raised will be donated directly to the Beatson in support of the amazing work they do every day treating and caring for people with cancer.

The charity was set up in memory of John Stewart. John was our son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend. We decided to honour Johns memory by raising as much money as possible each year to help fund the wonderful treatment the Beatson provides to those most in need.

John bravely fought cancer twice and it was down to the great work of the Beatson that kept John inspired and cared for when things weren’t so great. They provided John, his family & friends with a truly fantastic level of care and attention and it is with this in mind we want to do all we can to support their funding.

The Story So Far….

The year after John passed away we held our first charity golf day at Girvan golf course in Ayrshire. There were about 30 people attended the day, golfers and non-golfers alike. Although it rained most of the day everyone participated fully and it was all in memory of John and a determination to do something to collectively remember him.

Ever since, the annual September outing has become tradition and something for everyone to look forward to and embrace. In the years that followed, the group went to Millport and then Arran. After every event the night ended in the Smugglers inn Stewarton where more money was raised through raffles and auctions. Some of the donations and prizes have been unbelievable and the generosity of some people is overwhelming. So far we have raised the following amounts:

Year 1, 2014, we raised £1550; year 2 we raised £2959; year 3 we raised £3147; totalling £7656

The next steps

After the first event it was decided that we would set ourselves a target of raising £10,000 after the first four years since John passed away. We are well on track but need a big push this year to get us over the line. This really would be an honour for all those involved and a really amazing tribute to John’s memory.

We ask now that you please donate anything you can to support this wonderful cause and remember Oor Taff as memorably as we do.

Thank you very much and thank you to everyone who has kindly donated over the past few years.

Lets do this!

Kind Regards

All John’s Family and the troops!

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