Andrew Blackwood Rallying

On Saturday 17th of November we set off on the long drive to Cadwell park for the last round of the junior 1000 Ecosse championship. This is one of two events throughout the season where we join the English juniors and the only round which featured night stages, so this meant the challenge would be greater to get a good result. We were starting car 9 out of a field of 26 we hoped to improve on this and manage to secure 3rd in the championship.

Stage 1 we had a spin 3 corners in on cold tyres and went into the barrier. Rookie mistake but no damage to the car just a loss in time and confidence. Stage 2 we went out to try and claw back the time lost and get confidence back after our early mistake, but we were sitting 13th overall and 5th Scottish after this pair of stages

Stage 3 we went out and set a joint 4th fastest time which moved us up to 11th overall and 3rd Scottish. Stage 4 was where we really got in the groove and set a 4th fastest time and a fastest Scottish time even with getting caught behind cars. This put us up to 10th Overall

Stage 5 was a completely different stage made more difficult as it was now in the dark, we lost a bit of time due to a car having spun in front of us but still managed to go up to 9th overall.

Stage 7 and 8 we took the decision to back off a wee bit to make sure we got a finish and make sure we got 3rd overall in the championship. We still managed to gain a place to finish 8th overall and 3rd Scottish

This result means we have provisionally got 3rd in the championship after taking 6 podiums from 8 rounds this year which is more than we hoped for at the start of the year. Thanks to Richard for navigating. Thanks to Tommy, Dad, Ross and Gordon for servicing. Thanks to Catriona, Mum and Melissa for food and support. Thanks to my sponsors for supporting me today and all year Creo Design, The Cobble Shop, Gibson’s Auto Services and M.Torrance Garage. Keep up to date with us by going to Andrew Blackwood Rallying on Facebook