Andrew Blackwood Rallying

On Sunday the 6TH August we travelled down to Dundrennan for the Solway Coast rally. We went into the day looking to get a good finish to score some good points in the championship

I went into first stages of the day really nervous and not knowing what to expect. We didn’t get the best first stage as we slid on the gravel, hit a bale and stalled the car which lost us about 20 seconds. The second stage was much better trying to make time up from the earlier off while starting to get to grips with the notes and setting a good stage time.

Stage 3 was one of my favourite stages of the day the pace was there right away and apart from hitting a bale with the mirror it was uneventful but fast. Stage 4 we were a bit more cautious and the rain started to fall but made it round in one piece.

On stage 9 we decided to take a slower approach to the stage just to get a finish as the conditions were very bad. There was still a couple of moments but made it to the finish with no damage and 4th Scottish car home which is a result I’m happy with. A big thank you to my sponsors, Creo Design, Love Street Coachworks, M Torrance Garage and The Cobble Shop for supporting me throughout the season. Follow our progress on Facebook at Andrew Blackwood Rallying. Our next event is at Kames Motorsport complex on the 24th of September.Andrew Blackwood Rallying