Beatson Cancer Charity

The Beatson cancer charity in Glasgow serves almost half the population of Scotland which is around 2.5 million people. The charity helps support patients and their families as they endure the extremely daunting and challenging experience of cancer treatment.

After experiencing firsthand, the great work the Beatson do for people Gary Stewart and Stewart Dick set out 7 years ago to raise £10,000 to be donated to the charity.

It was decided that the best means of raising funds whilst having some fun and making memories along the way was to hold an annual golf day followed by an auction and raffle, and so began a fantastic yearly event which has now become a tradition and incredibly raised over £20,000, which is double what they set out to achieve at the beginning.

The golf day has been played at Girvan, Brodick, Millport, Ravenspark and this year at St.Cuthberts in Prestwick. It has been generally attended by around 30-40 players each year. The day begins with a coach trip and a few beers, breakfast rolls, round of golf and then back to the club house for a meal and drinks. The players have a prize giving, auction and raffle. This event raises a large percentage of the annual funds whilst everyone has a fantastic day, there are even guys in attendance who never play golf, but they do so for a great cause.

Once the golf is over the bus returns to the Smugglers Inn, Stewarton where the day turns into night. Everyone is welcome to join the “golfers” for a very fun and rowdy night. There is an auction with some amazing prizes as well as a raffle. It is a wonderful occasion with everyone generously donating their hard-earned cash and some very good prizes being handed out in return.

Six years after it started, it is truly remarkable that the golf day is still going strong and it is such a credit to all those who generously give up their time and money to support. Charity begins at home and this event really should make Stewartonians proud of what has been achieved.

As the years have progressed the golf day was not quite enough for the people of Stewarton and this year has seen another two events added to the calendar in support of the Beatson. On Sunday 29th September John Foster and his friends took on the challenge of walking from Kilmarnock to the top of Goat Fell in Arran (via the ferry of course). The boys set off at 5.30am from the Ayrshire Hit Squad gym in Kilmarnock and walked the 18 miles to the Arran ferry in Ardrossan. After a short ferry ride to Brodick the boys were on their feet again and walked from the ferry to the top of Goat Fell and back to the ferry again at a distance of 10.5 miles and an elevation of 2,800 feet. It was quite a unique challenge and it’s safe to say there were quite a few packets of blister plasters sold in Ayrshire and Arran that day.

That was not the end of the fund raising for 2019. Stuart Craig and Andrew Muir decided to set a challenge for themselves along with their friends and family. On November 3rd, 20 guys took part and completed the Edinburgh 10k run. Some of the boys taking part had never ran the length of themselves but had been training hard and pushing their bodies like never before in order to be competitive, test their physical and mental toughness and most importantly raise money and awareness for the great work the Beatson does for our community. It was a fantastic event and such a brilliant effort from all involved, especially Andrew and Stuart, for their organising of the event. The run was extremely grueling for many of the participants with injuries and tiredness a big factor, but the entire group completed it, albeit some slower than others! The run was followed by a day of hard-earned food and drinks in the Millhouse.

Originally the goal for this event was to raise £3,000 the current total is over £7,000 which is far higher than anyone anticipated, this means that the total raised for the year between all three events will be around £15,000. If you have read this story and feel you could make any sort of donation then we would be extremely grateful. You can find the link below to the final event of 2019:

Finally, thank you to each and every one of the organisers, participants and donators of these events and most importantly thank you to the staff of the Beatson for the amazing work you do.

In 2020 we will be aiming for more events and effort from as many people as possible.

Stewarton for the Beatson.