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Joan Angels Pop Choir

Hi, Joan Angels Pop Choir began in 2019 a year after losing my Dad to cancer, without realising I had stopped listening to music, possibly my way of dealing with grief, my dad was...


Bonnet Guild Festival Week

The Bonnet Guild is delighted to announce the Corsehill Queen and her court for 2022 as selected by Stewarton Academy.  The Corsehill Queen Elect will be Eva Millar and this year’s First Courtier will...


Joan’s Angels Pop Choir

Joan’s Angels Pop Choir is back with lots of new members, for those new to the area we started the choir for mental health and well-being, for anyone struggling with bereavement, depression or just...


Rory McKinna Sailing

What a sailing season! With restrictions eased in 2021, sailing came back with a vengeance and most competitions went ahead. The biggest difference for me this year was that I was able to take...