Boys Brigade World Record attempt for the longest game of 5 a side football.


At 10pm on Thursday the 11th of September 16 Young Boys Brigade men took part in the challenge of a lifetime… The longest game of 5 a side football ever! A challenge that would see them not only play through cold dark nights but would see them break a world record. I was lucky enough to be one of those young men. The record attempt was a continuous 55 hour game of five a side football, which broke the existing record of 53 hours, held by Sodexo Ireland.

There was a few rules we had to stick to obviously like not being able to sleep out with rest breaks which lasted an hour and a half maximum. Players played for 2 and a half hour slots with an hour and half off on rest breaks which although seems a lot I can guarantee it is the quickest hour and a half of your life.

The event was run to help promote the amazing work of the boys brigade and that it did with several mentions on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2 even broke the news that we had broken the record live on air.

The players were helped by a wonderful gang of support team staff who kept players fed, motivated and made sure all the players were feeling OK. There was constant physio and KCR support for us throughout the 3 days.

The event didn’t come without its problems mind you, a small lighting error meant the wrong pitch lights were switched off, and the dreaded injury which unfortunately fell to me at the 30 hour mark when the physio decided that my time at the challenge was over due to a dodgy knee, this didn’t stop me staying up with my team and support them for the next 24 hours.

The challenge was the gruelling, painful, cold and dark but also the single most enjoyable experience of my life and it was the little things that made the difference like the cake which was made locally by Creative Cakes of Stewarton and also the continued support messages on Facebook and twitter.

Thank you to everyone in the town who has either wished me luck or congratulated me over the past few months and to the guys that I took part in the attempt with, these guys I didn’t know on February this year and I can now call my friends.BB-Football