Carrie Newham fundraising

Princess Kate CroppedCarrie is 8 years old and goes to Nether Robertland Primary School in Stewarton. She has been working very hard doing some fundraising for Yorkhill and has now raised an amazing £1000!

On her JustGiving page Carrie wrote this to explain why she had chosen Yorkhill:

My name is Carrie. I am 8 years old and I am doing this for Yorkhill Children’s Charity. I am training to run the whole mile!

I am doing this for Yorkhill because they help so many people. They looked after me when I was very sick with tonsillitis and needed my tonsils taken out. They have helped some of my friends too when they’ve needed operations, needed to see doctors over and over again and special care that they couldn’t get from other hospitals or doctors.

They also organise special trips like a limousine ride around Glasgow at Christmas time to see all the lights. I was lucky to be chosen to go with my friend who was chosen by the charity for this treat.

When she started fundraising she wrote to Princess Kate, Provost Jim Todd and Team Scotland to tell them she was going to do the Great Scottish Family Mile.

Yorkhill wrote about her on their website:

Not only did she get a reply from Princess Kate but Provost Todd decided to surprise her at her school as well. In addition to being sponsored for her run she sold raffle tickets at our local Sainsburys in Stewarton raising a further £350.  By the time Provost Todd came to the school she had raised £730! East Ayrshire Council have put a small article on their website about his visit to see her and he has invited her back to see him at the council offices on Monday 20th October.

By the day of the run, she had raised £800. She had decided she would like to reach £1000 for Yorkhill by the end of the year and came up with the idea of doing a Bounceathon. She spoke to her trampoline coach, Gemma, who kindly volunteered to help Carrie do a Bounceathon at Stewarton Sports Centre to raise money for Yorkhill.

2 days after the run her total had risen to £840 and then she had a surprise phone call from The Cobble Shop in Stewarton who have given Carrie £160 to make her total up to £1000! They have been supporting Carrie all the way using Facebook and were so impressed with  her hard work that they wanted to give her whatever she still needed to get her to her target. They have continued to support her through Facebook and were pleased to hear about her continued efforts and plans for further fundraising.

Stewarton United and TY Treks dog walkers have also been supporting Carrie through Facebook and sharing all her posts and achievements.

She went to Yorkhill to do a cheque presentation for £1010.20 on 9th October and told them she would be back soon with more money from the Bouceathon.

Nether Robertland School have also very kindly agreed to donate their Christmas Service Collection to Yorkhill in recognition of Carrie’s fundraising.

The Bounceathon for Yorkhill is being held on 8th November at Stewarton Sports Centre. We are asking people to come along and try and help us achieve 1000 bounces an hour for 6 hours! Instead of getting sponsorship we are asking people to make a donation to Yorkhill on the day. As well as the trampolines, there are stalls with home baking, loom bands, name the bear, guess the number of sweets, a hula hoop and a keepy uppy competition

Carrie intends on continuing her fundraising next year and we have set up a page on Facebook called Carrie’s Challenge. Not only is Carrie going to do something every month but she is hoping she can persuade other people to join in too raising money for Yorkhill. Carrie wants to try and get other people involved as well as there’s only so many times she can ask people to sponsor her. I’ve suggested she challenge people – starting with me of course!

We will be in London visiting family for New Year so she’s starting with a 3km fun run on New Year’s Day in Hyde Park and asking people to use their New Year resolutions as fundraising opportunities. She’s doing the fun run along with myself, my Dad, two aunts and her uncle! To match her 3K run, I will be doing a 3K swim after New Year.

Another idea is a sponsored silence during the Easter holidays which I’m sure will go down well with parents


– definitely a real challenge for Carrie! When it comes to the Great Scottish Run weekend in October she’s hoping to get lots of people to run for Yorkhill with her especially since there’s an event for all ages. Yorkhill also organise a sponsored walk and are hoping to do a cycle during the year which she wants to take part in as well. She’s also going to grow her hair over the next year and then cut it off at Christmas to donate to the Little Princess Trust and raise some money for Yorkhill at the same time. We may try and tie it in with a Christmas party for everyone who’s been a part of Team Fun-Raiser during the year.

I have set up a Just Giving Team page to which we can add anybody who’d like to be part of Team Fun-Raiser and raise money for Yorkhill. The website address is: