Charity cycle challenge

Four years ago I crashed my road bike and was paralysed from the neck down. After a very long 3months in the spinal unit hospital I was diagnosed a C4 incomplete quadriplegic.  It’s taken a long time to come to terms with the accident but a really good way of coping was to challenge myself and set physical goals to achieve each day, week, month and year I’ve lived with this disability.  To begin with it was just getting through every day life..putting my own clothes on, getting up and down off the floor to play and help with the kids. Once I had the energy cycling in a static bike became good rehabilitation both physically and mentally.  

4 years on and my challenges have got a little bigger. On the 25th September I attempted to cycle the bike route of the Celtman extreme triathlon. 120miles and over 2500m of climbing in the north west coast of Scotland.  In addition to most of my big challenges I try raise some money for charity and this time I chose Spinal Injuries Scotland. This organisation are great at helping people who are victims of a spinal injury and help them get their life back together.  

The cycle challenge started at 6am and the weather started off pretty good, not too cold and a slight tailwind. My training rides before the challenge had reached 50-60miles so I was feeling good for the first 2-3 hours but I knew it would begin to hurt at some point. As the day carried on the hills started to take their toll on me and as I reached the top of the last big climb I was really struggling. I’d only covered 85miles and still had a few hours left in the saddle. After a short rest in my step dads car and I was good to carry on. My wife and kids met me at the 100mile mark and that definitely picked my spirits up but shortly after I turned into a headwind and it was then I realised I hadn’t eaten enough in the last couple of hours as my body started to switch off. Crawling along a busy main road and struggling to push the pedals I decided it was better to stop and climb off the bike before I fell off it.  I had completed 112miles with 2500m of climbing. I’d been on the go for 9hrs and I have to be happy with that. I’d like to thank all those that sponsored me, we raised just over £1300 for spinal injuries Scotland.