Gilmartin’s Halloween event info

Gilmartin’s Bakery, one of the beating hearts of Stewarton’s High Street, held a safe Halloween event on 31st October so that the local kids could participate in Halloween safely this year.  


With a queue stretching back to John Knox church, young guizers and their parents braved a blustery night to visit the popular eatery to pick up their free sweets get their photo taken by a local professional photographer, Stuart McAuley of McAuley Media. 


There was a costume contest for not only the kids, but also any dogs who attended in costume.  


The team at Gilmartins used the event to raise money for Stewarton Woodlands Action Trust (SWAT), who had a stall at the event where they sold bramble jam and 2021 calendars. Evie Steele, the young mind behind Dex-Stars Dog Treats, was also selling her home-made dog treats, also raising money for SWAT in the process. 


Gilmartin’s was joined by Stewarton High Street interiors shop Limegreen and The Sugar Cube who also ran events on Halloween. 


Commenting, business owner Stephanie Stewart said: 


“It’s been a hard year for everyone and there hasn’t been too much for people to get excited about. It’s definitely been especially confusing and difficult for young kids, and we really thought that as a town we owe it to them to give them some positive, lasting memories from this year. 


“Since the lockdown in March, we’ve had to adapt our business through multiple iterations to keep going. The whole town has been incredibly supportive and accommodating as we were learning new processes.  


“Even though it’s been hard, we felt like we had to give back to the town, and so we decided to open the doors for a wee event to brighten up everyone’s Halloween. Our premises is large and has two entrances, so we could easily implement a very safe environment for our visitors 


“It was really uplifting to see everyone with smiles on their faces. The kids were really excited and the parents were very grateful to have something on. Between us, Limetree and Sugar Cube, there were lots of options for parents on the night and we encouraged everyone to make the most of this and attend all three! 


“We always envisioned using the cafe like this when we first opened. We want it to be an inclusive space. Living in Stewarton, we want the best for our high street and we’re very grateful that local people have supported what we’ve been doing so far!” 


Quote from Scott White, parent of Hannah (who won the costume competition): “It was great to have an event to look forward to when so much has been cancelled. When we arrived, the atmosphere was cracking, Hannah loved posing for her picture, and ending the visit with coffee and cake left us all smiling.”  


Quote from SWAT: “SWAT was delighted when Gilmartin’s gave us the opportunity to be part of their Halloween event. It’s so nice that Gilmartin’s recognise the importance of our woodlands, which have been even more widely used over the last 9 months, and it was great to get the opportunity to meet some of the families who have been exploring our paths. Many thanks to James and Stephanie for letting us sell calendars and Bramble Jelly at the event, and for their very generous donation to our funds.” 


James and Steph Stewart (owners)