Naismith talks to The Review!

Local Stewarton lad Steven Naismith recently reached the fantastic milestone of 25 caps for his country in a Man of the Match performance against Croatia. It’s been a terrific few months for the former Rangers and Kilmarnock man, playing a pivotal role for a resurgent Scotland side and helping Everton in to the top six of the English Premier League. Away from the floodlights of Hampden and Goodison Park, The Review decided to ask Steven some questions. 


Who would you most like to meet, and why?

I would love to meet Banksy the graffiti artist because I love his art and no one knows who he is. So to know who he was and ask him about a few of his pieces would be great.

It’s such a wonderful achievement to be capped for your country, but how does it feel to now have 25 caps?

It’s fantastic, to get one would have been great but to get to the 25 milestone is better than I ever thought. I remember going to the Scotland games with Stewarton Annick and thinking how good it would be to play at Hampden in front of 52,000 fans so to get that chance is something I have dreamt of for many a year. My first start for Scotland was at home against Holland, with the atmosphere being one of the best I have played in.

What’s been the biggest highlight of your Scotland career?

I scored against Spain a few years ago and that has to be my biggest highlight when playing for Scotland.

Do you have a favourite goal?

My favourite goal of my career has to be my first goal against Celtic. It was at Ibrox when we won 4-2. It was a very tight game and I remember the defender not clearing the ball well and, having taken a good first touch, it sat up nicely for me. I then struck it with the outside of my foot and it went into the top corner.

What’s the most impressive stadium you’ve played in?IMG_7889

The Nou Camp. It’s the biggest and had the best atmosphere.

What’s your favourite movie?

My favourite comedy is Step Brothers and my favourite action/thriller would be Léon.

How many miles would you say you cover in a week?

It varies depending on the amount of games you have in the week and also what stage of the season you are at. Normally in a match I would run between 12/13k.

What are you currently listening to?

I can listen to all kinds of music but at the moment I have John Newman’s new album playing.

How do you prepare for games?

I try to stay as relaxed as possible. I will normally stay in bed later than normal and when I get up I will take the dog for a walk, come home and get a shower, then have some food before leaving the house to go to the stadium.

For all the kids who want to be professional footballers, what advice would you give to them?

Be outside practicing as much as you can! When I was going through secondary school I had a paper round and would just kick a ball all the way round, then come home and either play football with my mates or go out the back and kick the ball of the wall. The biggest thing though is that you need to enjoy it because that will drive you on to get better and maybe have the chance to make it into a career.

How does scoring in a Merseyside derby compare to scoring in an Old Firm?

The goal in the Merseyside derby was special because it was my first for Everton and was in front of a home crowd, but I grew up a Rangers fan so it was a dream to score in an Old Firm game.

Tell us a joke?

What do you call a fish with no eyes? ………………fsh.

Who’s the biggest joker in the Scotland camp?

The biggest joker has to be Robert Snodgrass – he prank calls everyone!

And finally. Christmas is an important time for you outside of football, as you are involved in a lot of charity work. What charities do you help?

I support the homeless in Glasgow through a charity called “Loaves and Fishes”, and now that I am in Liverpool I support a similar charity called “Whitechapel”, by hosting a Christmas lunch for the homeless.

Under new manager Gordon Strachan, Naisy has become a vital member of the Scotland team. We at The Review wish him all the best, and hopefully the boy from Rigghead will help fire Scotland to France for the European Championships in 2016.