IAM Ben Devlin

Reformed Boy
Racer Pilots IAM scheme,

A reformed boy racer is helping other young ‘modifiers’ to keep on the road, stay alive and save money, explained reporter Melanie Reid in a recent article in The Herald, Glasgow.

Her report provides some important signposts for the future of one aspect of the IAM.

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ben devlin IAMYou hear them before you see them, the Clios and Saxos and the Corses, trimmed and sculpted, customised and Chromed: a beauty parade of metal and blackened glass.

Now Ben, the reformed boy racer, is a qualiñed IAM teacher and is spearheading a unique marketing scheme by the IAM to reach the sections of the driving community most in need.

The idea is simple but radical: to use Ben to go out and meet the young drivers most at risk in Glasgow and Ayrshire, encourage them to take advanced driving lessons and pass their advanced test.

lf the plan, launched after the lAM’s national conference in October, is successful, it may be rolled out across Britain.

It will also, it is hoped, start to make inroads into the shocking statistics which show car accidents are the single biggest cause of death among young men in Scotland.