Joan’s Angels Pop Choir

Joan’s Angels Pop Choir is back with lots of new members, for those new to the area we started the choir for mental health and well-being, for anyone struggling with bereavement, depression or just general stress and just needing a bit of fun and some company especially for people on their own. 

We started in my Hair Salon but due the growth in interest we are now in the John  Knox Church Hall on a Wed night 6.30pm-8pm, we are not a professional choir and I’m not a Choir master but it all comes together and works well, you get the words to all the songs we sing to each CD, we take a small charge each night which is only to cover the renting of the hall (donation), buying CD’s paper, ink etc, we sing anything form Abba, Queen, Cher, Proclaimers to name a few ! 

If you would like your name on the waiting list to join contact me on 07525157272 or pop into Joan Scott Hairdressing 

Keep singing!! 

Joan Scott