Local Hero Christmas 2013 Edition

For most people, turning 80 would be the point in life where you put your feet up, put the kettle on and take a well-deserved rest. Attachment-1Not for Stewarton resident Nancy Reid, who continues to take an active role in the community after celebrating her 80th birthday in July.

For more than 40 years Nancy has been involved in the running of Stewarton’s “Open Door Club”, a meeting place for senior citizens of any race, gender, political party affiliation or religion. The club was actually faced with closure in 1979 after several of the office bearers resigned. Nancy offered her services and was duly elected. Nancy took over as treasurer for five years, and then went on to be vice president for ten years and finally president of the club for 18 years. All in all she has given 33 years of service, and continues to be active in the running of the club. She also provides home baking for the club’s guests, including her famous tablet, which regulars at the Smugglers Inn enjoy occasionally as well.

A talented singer and dancer, Nancy has sang in various concerts to raise money for charity and also sang solo in the Old Time Music hall which took place in the Institute Hall. Furthermore, she passed on some of her skills on the dance floor by taking some fun dance lessons in the Stewarton social club for a while, free of charge of course!

Despite having an extremely busy schedule by anyone’s standards, Nancy also takes the time to assist Lainshaw primary school during their annual “Wartime Day”, passing on stories of what life was like in Stewarton during, and after, the war. This is something both she and the children enjoy very much.

Despite her advancing years, Nancy Reid is a shining example of how to take pride in your community. If there is an event in Stewarton in need of support, hail, rain or shine Nancy will be there. Her generosity and selflessness over the years have made her a much loved character in Stewarton.