Mini Monster Treat Trail

There were a few things I felt in my heart I really wanted to achieve with the fundraiser. The first was obviously to create an event which would raise loads of money. However, I wanted the event to remain a free event. I wanted to make it possible for every person to be able to come along with their kids and enjoy it. As well as those things, my aim was to keep the kids engaged so I had the idea of writing a story, a come to life story. The story would incorporate the homeless crisis in Scotland with a Halloween theme. That was really all I had, I then passed that little gem onto Angie and she put it together. Every single word of the story was amazing! The kids and adults loved it! We also had live action games on the way round the trail, the kids came across mischievous ghosts, pumpkin people and a sad ghost that had lost its boo! Amongst those, there was a scavenger hunt too. At the end of the trail, with massive thanks to, The Granary and RubyRae Dental Recruitment & Consultancy, for their amazing generosity, we created a live pumpkin patch, the kids got to choose the pumpkin they wanted and push it over the finish line. The afternoon really was jammed packed full of activities for the kids and adults too. We had refreshments, trophies, a craft table and a raffle table. Kellie had organised the raffle from day one, she contacted local businesses and people to ask for donations, as the event became more popular, people were stopping by her house to drop donations off! She managed to get some amazing prizes and had the idea to run the raffle as a tombola, so any winners could take their prize directly from the event. It was the icing on the cake really! There were so many smiling faces! It was lovely to watch; the kids were so excited and their adults were just as excited for them. It was really something special and from the feedback we’ve had, I would say that everyone that attended certainly came away with that feeling.

From the event, we raised £460.02. Following the event, we had an anonymous donation for £40 to round the total to £500.02. The awareness raised as photos and videos were uploaded brought in another £50.20 of online donations. So, all in, the event raised £550.22!

All the money raised has gone directly to Social Bite via Shells Sleep in the Park. Sleep in the Park is being hosted by Social Bite in Edinburgh on the 9th of December. It is the world’s largest sleepout which aims to eradicate homelessness in Scotland within a 5-year period. It is such a worthy charity and one which has already achieved so much. You can find Social Bite and all the info on Sleep in the Park on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll be attending the event in December, as well as sharing my efforts to raise as much as I possibly can beforehand, you can watch the event live from my Facebook page, Shells Sleep in the Park. I will keep all fundraising efforts up to date there, I’ll be running raffles and posting any news from Social Bite and their supporters. If you would like to help by donating, I have a Virgin Money Giving page, the link will also be on my Facebook page. If you don’t have Facebook, you can search Virgin Money Giving online and enter Shells Sleep in the Park in the search bar to find and donate.

I would like to say a massive thank you to every single person who has supported my journey so far, through love, support and donations. Homelessness has been a part of my own life, I know the struggles and the dangers, I’ve lived through them personally. This has been a very emotional journey for me and by living it, doing these things and experiencing the outpouring of love, I feel comforted in knowing that the realities of homelessness can change, people will no longer have to live through the things that I have, people can be safe and warm. We can all help make that change!