Open studios ayrshire

Open Studios Ayrshire have made an impact during the last five years. They have supported many artists and are continuing to develop art across Ayrshire in its many forms. A little known sculptor has risen to being widely known and represented in many shops and galleries in Ayrshire and beyond; Simone Whiteford has also enjoyed a residency alongside Bridget Hunter an exceptional landscape artist, at the highly regarded Rozelle House. Bridget and Simone started this mutual support last year when they first shared a studio space during the OSA annual event. This year The Craft Town of Scotland, West Kilbride are joining the Ayrshire wide Open Studios event. Kay Hall, their secretary, says she is excited to offer her support to the OSA Committee and feels that the artists and makers of North Ayrshire want to share in the opportunity that the OSA event brings to the area.


At this time of year, artists and makers assess their involvement with Open Studios Ayrshire and many are thrilled to be looking forward to another year, while others are developing their career more independently. Currently there are over forty people waiting to join when the membership opens on the first of September. The membership process is through the OSA Website and membership fees are via Paypal. Artists and makers represent their work initially with high quality photos, which help OSA’s Selection Panel, check for appropriate standards expected by the art loving annual visitors.

If selected the artists and makers will be able to exhibit their original work to the public in a pop up exhibition. At this event, the new artists and makers meet some of the experienced members who offer help with fair pricing, and curating their work, which involves hanging paintings, and discovering creative ways to display sculpture, jewellery, glass wear or ceramics or other items that have been created. This event will be open to the public for a short two hour period, giving the new artists a taste of interacting with the public. The venue/venues for this event will be announced on the OSA website on the first of September. Membership closes on the twentieth of November. This allows the OSA Committee time to collate all information needed to produce a brochure of all OSA artists and upload all members newly created work onto the website. If readers have interest in any part of this process including volunteering to help the committee, offering venues for the pop up exhibition space and preceeding membership meeting, being a ‘Friend to OSA, reaping many benefits, or joining this self supportive, self sustaining group of Ayrshire wide artists, then we welcome you to engage with the process at: com

Together we bring a rich tapestry of creativity to Ayrshire, offering inspiration for future generations.