Scotland’s Young Fishers are Fintastic!!

Youngsters in Scotland have set the bar high at the home internationals in Rossbeigh and Inch in Tralee, County Kerry Ireland with a brand-new team – the future looks promising!

Contrary to expectations, the new squad were delighted to return home from the competition, bringing the silver award with them.
They were going for gold but were knocked from first place at the last second by the English team.
Elated Scottish coach Lindsay Wilson said “We just missed out on the gold. The English manager shook my hand with 20 minutes to go as he thought we had won.
“We were sitting with four zone wins at that point but a few fish at the end changed the outcome.
“But it was still a great result for five new caps with very difficult fishing”
Credit where credit’s due, our young fishers – Ciaran Peck, 16 of Stornoway, Luke McNaught, 16 of Glasgow, Andrew McLean, 16, of Stranraer and twins Bruce and Thomas Copeland, 14 from
Glenluce – deserve a massive round of applause.
The previous team were recently promoted from the junior team to the young team as a result of their success, which made space for our five brilliant youngsters.
The boys trained hard in the days and weeks leading up to the competition, spending all their time practicing and building their team skills in preparation. Lindsay said, “These talented anglers have been smashing it lately, beating the seniors and me regularly.”
They proved their talent in the competition but were so narrowly beaten by England.
Lindsay mentioned “In practice, some of the team had five metres of fish, but come the competition days, it was very poor.”
Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on their side, with warm, sunny and very serene conditions. This lessened their chances of catching any quality fish, with even small turbot and flounders very scarce.
All Scottish squads walked away with a great result, with the senior squad lifting bronze and the youth team grabbed silver, foreshadowing a bright future for Scotland.
The Junior anglers have been a huge part of the Scottish team, with all coaches striving to develop the young squad. Lindsay added “I coach with my assistant Douglas Barclay, who is the backbone of our team.
“I have at least one session a month and we normally have to pick the final team from that squad. But this year the youths needed four of my anglers, leaving me with a full team of new caps. We get a lot of our young stars from the Clyde and the West match in Greenock that I run.
“Clubs and individuals contact me if they think they’ve talented youngsters.
“On the subject of up-and-coming talent, I wouldn’t bet against there being a future Scotland angler in 10-year-old Stuart Kyle.”
One half of a remarkable father and son team, he was first noticed at the East Fife sea angling club’s summer open.
Stuart’s overjoyed dad, Mike said “He’s doing great – he only really started this year. He’s too young for the Scotland team but hopefully one day…”

If you would like any further information contact Lindsay on 07751051782 or visit the Facebook page Scotland Junior Angling Team