Stewarton Academy Young Enterprise Ayrshire

Stewarton Academy S6 students prepare to participate in Young Enterprise – Ayrshire.

The students who participate will work as a team to set up and run their own real company for up to one academic year.IMG_0527


They will:

  •  Elect a board of directors, carry out market research, develop a product or service, manage their finances, promote their company, market and sell their products or services to the public.


  • The students are supported and guided by a volunteer Business Adviser and their link teacher.


  • The team have the option to enter the Young Enterprise Company of the Year competition for Ayrshire in the spring term of 2015 and if successful progress to the Scottish final and hopefully on to the National and European Final in the Summer Term.


Doing bases all Young Enterprise programmes”. Instead of having to absorb large amounts of theory before they start, the team will learn about business in a hands-on way.


The benefits to the students of taking part in the programmes are:

  •  Enjoying real successes and overcoming real setbacks will make for a truly valuable life experience. The team can be sure that, whatever they decide to do in the future, being an active participant in the Company Programme will give them an insight into the world of business and work, and help them when considering their career choices.


  • They will learn about the essence of enterprise – understanding customers, selling and marketing products, making difficult decisions, working as a team, taking and sharing responsibility, etc.


  • Most importantly, they will develop and be able to demonstrate key employability skills, such as problem solving, communication, resilience and organisation.


The Young Enterprise Team at Stewarton Academy:


Murray Leitch                                        Jonathan Seaman

Arran Moffat                                           Fiona Rice

Craig McIntyre                                      Niall MacQuarrie

David MacFarlane                                   Stephen Pioli

Josh Williamson                                       Darren Barr

Megan Pollock