Stewarton Churches Together

Foodbank run by Stewarton Churches Together (a branch of Ayrshire East Foodbank)

During the recent visit to Stewarton the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland he was joined by Foodbank volunteers the St. Columbus Church’s Lainshaw Loft for the official opening of the Stewarton Branch of Ayrshire (East) Foodbank. 

Chairman, Rev. Gavin Niven opened proceedings detailing what had led to this ecumenical community project, having first given the company a thorough background on all that we routinely do together throughout the year.

He then invited our guest the Moderator, to open the Foodbank formally and to dedicate this project by prayer.  In his kind and gracious preamble, Mr. Charmers spoke of his concern at the poverty and lack of hope facing many throughout the country. He included the comment that it gave him no pleasure to have to open such a facility and trusted that the need for it, and all others like it, would be temporary.

He thanked the volunteers and invited them to give not only of their time and resources to the project but to give of their love and concern to all those whom they would encounter in the course of their work with the Foodbank. Mr. Chalmers then offered a Prayer of Dedication, asking God’s blessing on all who will find their way to this branch of Ayrshire East Foodbank.

There followed a time of general conversation over refreshments.  In one photo, Mr. Chalmers (left) is seen with Rev. George Lind, Mrs. Ruth Nicol (Stewarton Foodbank Co-coordinator) and Rev. Gavin Niven.

In the other, Mrs. Chalmers (centre) is seen chatting with a few volunteers. The Foodbank is now open and Lainshaw Loft can be accessed on the side of St. Columba’s Church adjacent to Belltree Avenue. Opening hours are Tuesdays and Fridays 4-6 p.m.

001 foodbank opening at Stewarton