Stewarton Community council news

The Stewarton & District Community Council is pleased to have achieved the introduction of an additional bus stop in Rigg Street, by the side of the Sainsbury’s car park. The objective has been to provide a public transport option for shoppers who wish to use local ‘buzzer bus’ services to travel between their home and the shops. The Community Council has argued for this development for more than two years, and welcomes the eventual co-operation between the East Ayrshire Council, the bus service providers and Sainsbury’s that made it possible.

One of the Rambler Chairs owned by the Community Council is available for use by an eligible person. The Chairs are allocated free of charge to any Stewarton resident who has mobility problems preventing access to local shops, services and, perhaps, a full social life around the town. The allocation of a chair is dependent upon the existence of an adequate covered and secure space to store the vehicle and referrals are made by the Medical Centre, which should be contacted in the first instance.

There are vacancies on the Community Council for new Councillors. The Community Council meets at 7.30pm on the first Monday of each calendar month, except July, in the Town House (8, Avenue Square). Meetings usually last no longer than two and a half hours and provide an opportunity to become involved in discussions and decisions affecting all aspects of life in Stewarton. All are welcome to attend every meeting.

Further information is available from the Community Council Resource Centre which is open between 1000 and 1200, within the Town House:
Tel: 01560 48275                   Email: [email protected])


The self-drive 16 seater Community Council Bus is available for hire, and can be booked in the Resource Centre

The Community Council has been informed about a proposal for the building of an ALDI Supermarket in Rigg Street, Stewarton. Outline plans and illustrations have been placed in the Resource Centre.

A consultation on proposals to vary the boundaries of the local electoral wards has commenced, and will complete in October 2015. The information is displayed in Stewarton Library, which is located within the Area Centre.