Stewarton Coronavirus Group

The faces behind the masks (so to speak).

Last night I asked that as many volunteers as possible attend the area centre so we could

  1. Meet each other
  2. Share our stories and their pictures.

The success of this group is down to every single volunteer, whether they have collected 1 or 100 prescriptions. “No act of kindness, not matter how small, is ever wasted”.

Please find below pictures of just a few of our 25+ volunteers who have helped during this unprecedented time.

Whilst requests for our support are starting to wind down, we are still working with EAC to help people in need in our wonderful, wee town.

The food distribution project will continue to run, as it does all year round. Hopefully, we will see groups work together, perhaps in a single hub to help our neighbours who may be in need of some help.

Here are a few ‘highlights’ from our volunteers.

  1. An elderly gentleman called on behalf of his equally elderly friend who was unable to get to the Doctors. This was quite early on during lockdown and we obviously couldn’t drive the gentleman in question to the surgery. A quick phone call to the practice manager from us resolved this issue and the gentleman in question received a much-needed home visit.
  2. Wm. Allan & Son Butchers continual support – helping us provide families with food parcels at a generous discount.
  3. One of our volunteers offering to cut a resident’s grass with an electric lawnmower (we weren’t allowed to do it). Thankfully, diesel lawnmowers are very popular in Stewarton.
  4. The Millhouse (opens tomorrow btw) v generously donating £900 to help us!
  5. The ability to use the centre at Standalane for food sorting and distribution made a massive difference when sorting and organising food deliveries.
  6. Manna and Gilmartin’s for stocking sanitary protection which can be picked up (free).
  7. The staff at Boots and Stewarts who helped us when there were problems with prescriptions.
  8. The wonderful staff at Sainsburys who helped us with our massive shops and requests for obscure items.
  9. The residents who gave away so many food parcels for collection on a Monday night.
  10. The deliveries of bread which led to a chance encounter with the ‘Nudie Snacks’ owners. Within an hour, they had donated 50+ snack boxes to our team for distribution within the local community.
  11. One volunteer did some ‘extreme’ gardening and ended up on a ladder, over a garden pond in order to get to some awkwardly placed weeds.

One of the biggest success stories has to be the food delivery which is co-ordinated by the wonderful Janie at Hamilton Gardens. Two of our volunteers deliver meals to 40+ residents who are ‘vulnerable’. This food is prepared at the Nether Robertland hub and is a lifeline to many residents.

I’m sure you will all have stories and experiences to add to this – please feel free to do so.

If you need support in light of the recent changes, please message the group.

It’s understandable that you may be feeling anxious given the news over the last few days.

Our volunteers will happily help out if you are anxious about shopping, prescriptions etc.

The Stewarton Coronavirus Group will continue to support residents as we head into the winter. We appreciate that there’s a lot of uncertainty and anxiety at the moment and we will help you or your loved ones should you require it. In the past we have helped with gardening, shopping, prescription pick ups and parcel deliveries. We hope to introduce a befriending service to reach out to those who are feeling lonely. It is an unsettling time for EVERYONE and we are lucky to live in a kind and caring community. Let’s help each other through this!

If you need help or want to help please contact Claire Wylie on 483855 or 07852135539.

We can also be contacted via Facebook under ‘Stewarton Coronavirus Support.