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An Action Plan for a Town and Its People

Stewarton & District Community Council is considering the development of a local Action Plan to address the priorities and interests of all the local residents, businesses, voluntary and sports groups.  The intention is to highlight all the good things that currently happen within the Community, and then develop an Action Plan to improve our Town.

The aim of this Action Plan is to:

  • Provide the means for all the interested parties to come together to think about, influence and then plan the future for Stewarton.
  • Generate more involvement in the Community from local residents, organisations, businesses, voluntary and community groups, and sports clubs.
  • Provide a process for local democracy and active citizenship within the Community.
  • Enable Community involvement in the creation of a Plan for Stewarton.
  • Provide a 5 year plan that will assist the Community to seek funding for the priority projects identified in the Plan.

As a first step, and to assess support for this initiative, a meeting is arranged for 7.00pm on Tuesday 10th March in the Centre, Standalane, Stewarton. This meeting will provide further information on the Community Action Plan process, and how this project can be of benefit to the wider Stewarton Community.

Letters of invitation to this meeting will be sent to a wide range of organisations, clubs and local traders in order that they can share their views on the way ahead for Stewarton over a cup of tea or coffee.

Meanwhile, all are welcome to seek further information from Graham Piggott, the Vice-Chairman of the Stewarton & District Community Council.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01560 480115