Stewarton & District Community Council News

During the past two months the Community Council has had the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics of importance to everybody living, working and trading in Stewarton.

These matters have included the future use of the Institute Hall; the potential for a community led action plan for Stewarton; scrutiny of a number of proposals for new housing and additional wind-farms; the practical options for the recognition of the recently discovered Draffen Lime Kilns; priorities for future repairs to local roads and pavements;

proposed changes to the licensing hours of local bars and entertainment facilities; how to ensure that the Community has a say in the development of local health services; the implications of the recently announced relocation of Hyspec Engineering from Stewarton to Kilmarnock; and a wide variety of the local and community policing issues that emerge from a monthly Police report to Community Councillors.

The Community Council provides an opportunity to identify and then represent all these local problems and interests to the EAC and relevant Community and Public Authorities, including Police Scotland. It presently comprises 16 volunteer Community Councillors but is established for many more. So, if you wish to be better informed on all these matters and participate in helping to decide local priorities, and are resident in Stewarton, you are invited to contact the Community Council Resource Centre located in the Town House, Avenue Square:

Tel: 01560 482775
Email: [email protected])

The Office is open 1000 to 1200 on each weekday (Monday to Friday). Successful applicants to become Community Councillors can be co-opted to serve until the next planned election. Alternatively, all are invited to attend Community Council meetings, which are held in the Council Chambers in the Town House at 7.30pm on the first Monday of each calendar month.