Stewarton Drama Group


Stewarton Drama Group are delighted to announce that their next exciting production
will be ‘An Evening of Comedy & Drama’ – which will be presented in the theatre in
the Stewarton Area Centre at 7.30pm on Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th May 2014.

The evening’s programme will consist of three short, very different plays which aim to
give the audience a varied night’s entertainment, with an interval between each play,
during which a licensed bar will sell wine and a selection of soft drinks.

Opening the show will be guest performers, Dunlop Youth Players, who will present
their award-winning performance of ‘LittleBro Morning and BigSis Afternoon’,
written by Mike Tibbetts and directed by Dunlop Players member David Kerr.

The young cast will take the audience on a roller coaster journey of emotions as they
portray the moving story of a father driven by despair to abandon his family after the
tragic death of his wife. He leaves his two young children ‘Lottie’ and ‘Dunky’ to run
the family home, unknown to any authorities.

When money eventually runs out, the brother and sister have one day left together leading to an emotional and touching
conclusion. Hosts Stewarton Drama Group are delighted to have this opportunity to
welcome this talented group of young people on stage to open their show.

The audience will then be treated to a performance of ‘The Red Balloon’, written by
Damien Trasler and directed by SDG member David Robertson. The play features
a couple who interrupt the premier of a piece of modern theatre and claim it’s all

The performer challenges them to produce something better, and the three
begin to work on the piece together. Brian Smith, Elaine Cramond and Lesley-Anne
McKenna take on the challenge and in doing so, take the audience on quite a

The final play of the evening will be ‘Interior Designs’, written by Jimmie Chinn and

directed by SDG member, Nancy McPherson. This play tells the story of three
women who share the same handy man and this gives rise to some interesting

The three women are played by Julie Blackburn, Caren McLean and
Laura McPherson, while the ‘odd job’ man, complete with brushes, tools and paint, is
played by Jim Goldie.

Tickets for this production priced at £7.00 and can be reserved NOW by emailing
[email protected]