Stewarton Drama Group

Stewarton Drama Group are currently gearing up for their forthcoming production of A Tomb with a View, by Norman Robbins, a spooky thriller which puts the fun in dysfunctional!

The production hits the stage of the town’s Area Centre at 7.30pm on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th October 2017. Think Agatha Christie meets the Addams family and you’re beginning to get the picture !

The play is set in the library of a sinister, old house where an equally sinister family, the Tomb family, await the reading of their late father’s will. When the curtain rises the audience will soon be embroiled in twists, turns and shocks as the characters are bumped off one by one but, the question is whodunit ???

The wacky characters are played by a strong Stewarton Drama group team. Hamilton Penworthy (Walter Findlay) is the all-knowing, pompous family solicitor who tries to keep the unruly, voraciously greedy Tomb family in check. The outrageously bossy, butch Emily Tomb (Alison Barr) vies constantly with her sisters the vampish Monica (Laura Mundell) who oozes seductive charm, and the worryingly sweet and oh-so-sensitive Dora (Caren McLean)

The petulant Lucien (David Robertson) keeps reminding everyone that he is now head of the household, while he obsesses with his dubious scientific experiments, and his brother Marcus (Paul Glasswell) is so completely deluded, believing himself to Julius Caesar, that he needs a resident nurse, Anne (Julie Blackburn) who somehow manages to stay sane in the midst of all this madness.

Of course, such a play needs a formidable housekeeper – Agatha (Dee MacColl) imposes her dominance on the family and brings a chilly shiver with her everywhere she goes ! To complete the set, add in a couple of strangers who visit Monument House for the will reading a female writer of romantic fiction, Ermyntrude Ash (Patricia Morrison), and her hapless secretary, Peregrine Potter (Jim Goldie). Now, who in their right mind, would want to visit the Tombs ?

Director of the show, Nancy McPherson said:

A Tomb With a View will put you right in the mood for the Halloween season.What with werewolf howls, weird characters – ranging from the eccentric to the completely bonkers – grizzly murders, startling revelations and panic attacks on stage, you will need a cool head to unravel the mysteries you witness in Monument House, home of the creepy Tomb family.


“If you’re looking for an evening of murder mystery, with a bundle of laughs along the way, this really is the show for you. Make sure you’re first in the queue for tickets and watch your back !


Tickets for the production priced at £8.00 each are on sale now at Stewarton Library or can be reserved by emailing the Group at [email protected]

 There will be a licensed bar with wine on sale each evening.