Stewarton When We Were Growing Up


I’m Alice Muir, and I grew up in Stewarton, at Meikle Cutstraw Farm, up the Cutstraw Road, youngest of a big family, daughter of Addie and Margaret McKie.

I was Corsehill Queen in 1966. Though I live in Kilmarnock now, I worked in Stewarton for many years, and visit often as I have family there. I’ve been on Facebook for ages, and took a notion one day in late September, and set up a page called ‘Stewarton When We Were Growing Up’ or SWWWGU – all it took was a few easy clicks, and job done.

I thought maybe 40 or 50 people might join, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect the immediate and huge response, reaching 1200 members within 3 months, with hundreds of posts and comments every day. Growth was so quick I soon had to have more help from the other Admin Team members, Linda Hunter, Jenny Simpson and Fraser McDougall. The site is friendly, informative and fun, but it’s not all social chit-chat. There are quizzes, we’ve linked up Stewartonians from all over the world, reunited long-lost friends and relatives, and we’ve already amassed a huge archive of photographs, memories and historical information, a marvellous resource which continues to build.

This group is open to anyone who spent any time in Stewarton during their growing up years (0-20ish), even just as an occasional visitor. Anyone just interested in this group can also join, as can organisations with a connection or interest.

Tell us about your memories, show us your photographs, film, pictures, poems or stories. Remind us about school, hobbies, friends, relatives, life at home, the weather, the seasons, landmarks, well-known local people or businesses. Your successes and your regrets. Favourite foods, snacks, playtime games. Remember school dinners, sports days, football games, netball, music, clothes, crazes, socialising. Old schools, new schools, primary schools, Stewarton High School, Stewarton Academy, St Joseph’s Academy. Then there’s the Brownies, Cubs, Scouts, Guides, Girls Brigade, Boys Brigade, and all the rest! This is a friendly and interesting page, and the Admin team, who are volunteers, look out for any bad language or inappropriate comments. Administrators: Alice Muir (nee McKie), Linda Hunter (nee Bennet), Jenny Simpson (nee McKie), Fraser McDougall.

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