Stewarton Woodland Action Trust


2017 started with a boost to our funds from the sale of our annual calendar which was  greatly helped along by our local Co-op allowing us to have them on sale one Saturday in November. Many thanks to those who made a trip to the Co-op to make a purchase, and to those shops in Stewarton who took copies to have on their counters. We were delighted by the response. If any readers have good photos of the woods or river, please feel free to send them to the email address below, and we will consider using them in our 2018 calendar.

Once again we have been given free trees from the Conservation Volunteers, and these will be planted as soon as it can be done. You may not notice them for a few years though, as at the moment, they are only twig size and are easily overlooked, but hopefully they will grow into beautiful young trees! We also planted quite a few more daffodils at the back end of 2017, so by the time you are reading this, there should be a colourful display at the open area opposite the allotments.

This year we hope to upgrade the Fisherman’s steps and provide some more signposts to make the paths even more user friendly. We want as many people to enjoy using them as possible. If you are new to the area, it’s worth taking the time to explore the path network in Stewarton, going all the way from opposite the Millhouse Hotel along the side of the Annick, under the viaduct, across the road into Lainshaw Woods entrance at the beginning of David Dale Avenue, and leading you all the way to the other Lainshaw Woods entrance on the Kilwinning Road. A great way to get fresh air and exercise!


All offers of help with our work are greatly appreciated. See our Facebook page for information, look at our website, email us at [email protected] or phone the SWAT mobile 07774563531