SWAT Summer update

Well we certainly had a lovely Spring, brightened in part by the display of daffodils and bluebells along the Fisherman’s Path, and other places in Lainshaw Woods. Our photos show two bunches, one joyfully happy, and one annoyingly sad!

The lovely bunch of enthusiastic children helped SWAT members to plant a substantial number of daffodil bulbs in the Autumn of 2014, and these came up very nicely around March/April. The children were brought by their mums to see the results, and their reaction was very gratifying, but unfortunately, a day or two later, someone saw fit to behead almost every daffodil along the paths, and dumped them beside a bench on the Fisherman’s Path. One angry Stewarton resident even phoned the SWAT mobile to say how upset he was, as one day he had told his wife how lovely it all looked, only to find the daffodils gone the next. Maybe next year will be different!

SWAT members have continued to work on keeping the paths and woods in as good a condition as our numbers allow. More help would be much appreciated though, so if you can spare some time, please contact us for details of when and where we meet.

Email – [email protected]il.com

Mobile – 07774563531