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As usual, members of Stewarton Woodlands Action Trust have been busy in and around the town. On Sunday 23rd March, we were joined by 8 pupils and a member of staff from Stewarton Academy, who willingly helped to tidy up areas of Cunningham Watt Park.

The pupils are members of the Interact Club, and were doing the litter pick as a service
to the community.

Quite a few hours have been spent this spring planting snowdrop bulbs and bluebells
which have been donated by Stewarton residents. Hopefully the woods will once again be a riot of colour, once the bulbs flower.

As this year is SWAT’s 10th Anniversary, we are holding a couple of extra events which
we hope Stewartonians will join in with. On Sunday May 25th, we are having a Litter Pick
in Cunningham Watt Park and Lainshaw Woods, and to use the old saying “Many hands
make light work”, we hope to enlist the help of as many people as possible on the day.

On Saturday June 28th we are having a Communal Walk in the Woods, starting at 2pm
from the large grassy area on the banks of Annick Water, opposite the allotments. If the
weather is good enough, we’d love people to bring a picnic, and with any luck, there may
even be a barbecue on the go too!

Our workdays will continue to take place on the second and fourth Sunday of each
month, meeting at the container on the road to the Water Treatment Works at 9am.
Anyone is welcome to join us – just bring a pair of gloves and wear suitable clothing and

More events include table Top Sale and Scottish Night with Ceilidh will take place in October and November respectively.


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