Testing times on the Solway coast

A testing day at the Solway coast rally yesterday with a disappointing
result but great fun on the stages.

We started the day to cautiously with it being my first time on pace notes
with Tom beside me and we dropped a lot of time due to being too cautious
and making a couple of mistakes. The next pair of stages we picked up the
pace and tried to gain on the time we lost. Then on stage 7 we overshot
where the road had changed from the last pass through the stage and lost
20 seconds. We then went on to stage 8 and set a 2nd Scottish fastest time
which gain back some time for us. On stage 9 I made a costly mistake going
down a very slippery hill into a tight right corner and I slid off the road
into a ditch and lost a minute while I was pushed back out by two marshals
and Tom this lost us the chance of a good result but we then went out on
the next two stages and set two 2nd Scottish and 5th overall fastest times
which shows us that the pace is there when we are going properly but it
wasn’t enough to claw back another place so we finished 12th overall and
5th Scottish with no damage thankfully.

Thanks to the organisers and marshals for a brilliant well-run event. Thanks
to Dad, Tommy, Ross and Ben for servicing and Mum for keep us fed and
watered. Thanks to Tom for sitting with me again and keeping me right
on the notes. Thanks to my sponsors for supporting me Creo Design, The
Cobble Shop, Gibsons Auto Services and M Torrance Motor Engineering